The financial sector faces an incredible number of challenges

Prepare for the post-Covid new world order

the industry has not ended digesting the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis and the Brexit. But he must already anticipate the challenges coming together with post-Covid environment including new ways of working

Simplify client experience and reduce costs

digitization is accelerating in most of its sectors of activities

Adapt the business model and products proposition

to the new world economic order, the lower for longer rates environment and the émergence of digital currencies and blockchain initiatives

Cooperate wit the new digital players

who are developing their business model within the financial world (money service providers, consumer finance, banking, working capital advisory, etc.). With bigtechs adopting a chameleon approach: sometimes business partners, sometimes service providers, sometimes customers, sometimes competitors. And sometimes all four at the same time

Adapt to the new rules of governance, financial crime and conduct.

To satisfy the regulatory requirements on effective risk procedures and adequate internal control mechanisms

Supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

as a key component of the ESG agenda: ensure employees feel safe to voice their concerns without fear

Contribute to the energy transition

match the Net Zero target in 2050 and understand how these translate into tangible opportunities for you to support your clients

Evolve towards business models that consume less financial ressources

on-balance sheet, off-balance sheet, liquidity & leverage ratios and capital base

Deliver appropriate return to shareholders

And align interest of emplyees and management with those of the shareholders

Finally, financial institutions and financial services company have to learn how to work differently with the participants in the ecosystem:

banks, investors, fintech, private equity, capital ventures, bigtech, regulators, governments ...

And this is how we can help you create more value

At Dewenson Partners we want to position ourselves at the center of this eco-system and help create value for our customers.
Behind these constraints, we have discovered a whole world of opportunities and we want to share them with you.

Protect & Enhance Value
Use new rules and codes to improve business focus
Drive new products to support clients
Reduce cost of capital
Better customer experience
Better returns to shareholders
Create New Value
Net zero transition
Post-Covid new social contract and license to operate
Diversity & Inclusion
Drive an eco-systems strategy
Respond to digital players
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