Dewenson Partners - Investment Portfolio

Transforming Visions into Financial Success

With a keen eye for promising opportunities, we have been able to transform visions into financial success. Below, you will find a list of projects that we have funded:

software empowers management of listed companies with efficient benchmarking and data analysis tools to better understand and assess their shareholders and investors base.

Enable companies to create value serenely in an increasingly standardized world.
It is in contact with manufacturers that we build a digital solution that is simple, intuitive and perfectly consistent with the expectations of Quality, Regulatory, Purchasing and Managers.

Optimize productions, Improve margins, Secure supplies, Control transport, Simplify litigation management. Centralize team communication, thanks to the tools that Zeloce has been developing for 7 years.

Founded by maritime supply chain experts with over 80 years of combined experience, BuyCo is built by a team of experts who know the shipping industry best.